Emojis Increase Engagement on Instagram


Words can say so much, but so can a picture – and an emoji.

Emojis have changed the way we communicate with one another. Visual stickers and emoticons have been around for over a decade and are still prevalent on some messaging services such as Facebook messenger. However, the inclusion of emojis in the Apple iPhone, followed by the adoption of variations by Andriod, made emojis the most ubiquitous form of visual communication to date. Additionally, the emoji library is ever-expanding and updates with icons that users want to see (example: Facepalm emoji )

Businesses and individuals alike use emojis in their social media posts. Emojis add personality to post and increase perceived level of friendliness.

On Instagram, more than one-half of all posts included emojis in 2016. The list of top 10 emojis includes the camera emoji, the two pink hearts emoji, and the fire emoji. According to research, Instagram posts without emojis had an engagement rate of 1.77%, and posts with emojis had an engagement rate of 2.07% percent.

Overall, posts with emojis had an increase in absolute interactions. The use of emojis seems to be necessary for the Instagram landscape today.

In my personal posts, I will use emoji every now and then. In my creative business, however, I refrained from using emojis out of fear of sounding unprofessional. I am trying to grow my business and increase awareness of my brand, so it may very well be in my best interest to start using emojis in my best.


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